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Currently, the device runs a nearly-stock Android 10. Some stuff is flaky or otherwise broken. A typical software update will fix some things that didn’t used to work, and break some things that did used to work. The following is a list of quirks and relevant workarounds.

capacitive keyboard scrolling

This was a major selling point of the Unihertz Titan. It ships disabled, but can be enabled thusly:

   Settings -> Intelligent assistant -> Scroll assistant (turn on)

The latest software update breaks this feature without warning. It no longer works at all.

Update: Build number Titan_20191212 restores capacitive scrolling, but it behaves slightly differently (with less sensitivity) than before.

ghost scrolling


Screen moves around without anyone touching it.


   Settings -> Intelligent assistance -> Scroll assistant (turn off)

Update: Build number Titan_20191212 somewhat reduces this quirk.

Update: Android 10 doesn’t exhibit this problem at all.

screen turns off when using phone


Screen turns off when Phone app makes a call, can’t be turned back on until the call ends.


   Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Quickstep -> Permissions -> Phone (turn on)

Update: Build number Titan_20191212 enables the screen lock button to un-lock the screen after making a call.

Update: Android 10 doesn’t exhibit this problem at all.

holding down backspace sometimes causes last typed word to repeat

Update: Build number Titan_20200509 fixes this quirk.

Update: Android 10 doesn’t exhibit this problem at all.

critical bluetooth vulnerability in android (CVE-2020-0022)

Haha. The fix is to wait for unihertz to send an FOTA update via Adups.

apps constantly reload even though you have 6gb ram

Haha. All you have to do is install a random ROM from an unauthorized third party, which doesn’t even work on your device.


But seriously folks, this may help:

   Settings -> Apps & notifications -> _app_ -> Advanced -> Battery -> Battery optimization (turn off)

   Settings -> DuraSpeed (turn on) -> _app_ (turn on)      # may be more trouble than it's worth

   Settings -> Battery -> Standby intelligent power saving (turn off)

   Settings -> Battery -> Battery Saver (turn off)

   Settings -> Battery -> Battery Manager (turn off)

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