sl/unihertz OK, china.


Unihertz Titan, wet

I bought this phone to replace my BlackBerry Passport. Nagging complaints about the Passport included: short battery life, flaky Qi charging, terrible cameras. Complaints about the Titan include: Android; the unit itself is heavy (with sharp edges around the case); and also, Android. I’m not sure yet which is worse. The Titan does offer some pleasing upgrades: IP67 dust/water resistant, good battery life, Qi charging works well, and a wider range of working/performant Andoid apps. But it’s still Android.

2021.10.21 Update: Sold my Blackberry Key2 to maximize ROI before 4G calling is phased out by AT&T. Tried to use my backup iPhone for a couple of weeks. Noooooooope. Got a new Titan, now with Android 10. Many of the old quirks have been ironed out, but it’s still Android.

2022.03.03 Update: AT&T has killed the Titan, so I sold mine. There is reportedly a (probably temporary) fix:

   - the window will popup,
   - select the option titled Phone Information
   - Set Preferred Network Type
   - For 4G/LTE select LTE only


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It’s not at all perfect. The quirks page details some basic problems and workarounds.


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